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My name is Stephen. I go by Scuub (like Scoob, but spelled with two U's). I'm a Ginger kid who skateboards, does amateur graffiti, and writes about philosophy. I graduated from Lee University in spring 2021 with a B.A. in Mathematics and two minors: one in philosophy and the other in computer science. I make weird music too. Sometimes I'll mention that stuff here. Primarily though, this website is a dumping ground for my philosophical hot takes. I tend to write most about Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Metaphysics. I think studying philosophy can help us make the world a kinder place for all sentient life, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, or species. Studying ethics continues to inform me as an activist not just for pressing human rights issues (racial justice, equal rights for sexual and gender minorities, and so on), but also for non-human animal rights (go vegan!). Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't have many posts up yet, but feel free to browse. Also, leave comments! This wouldn't be an obnoxious blog if I forgot to nag you to subscribe too, so make sure you do that below :) Much love <3

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